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The only hero protecting you from science!
Oktober 31, 2009, 12:13 pm
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Hoverboy – Der offizielle Held der religiösen Fundamentalisten (und der Metallhelm ist sicher auch extrem praktisch).


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„During the early days of Hoverboy, before America had entered World War II, Hoverboy had a decidedly anti-science theme to many of his stories, even though his flying belt and bucket devices were often called „wonders of the science age“ in other issues.

Notes left behind by Nutt and Stark tell us that this was due to the publisher’s belief in an untapped Amish and Mennonite comic reading market, which never materialized. Inside this tale are numerous references to how science is a sin against God and America, and Hoverboy himself is often called „Brother Jedediah, the Hovering One“

On the cover, Hoverboy assists a couple of philosophy majors, Dick and Jane, as they destroy Dr. Astroberg’s dangerous machine, the Gravitas Electro-Gelder, a machine that instantly sterilizes the entire male population of the Earth. The evil doctor gloats that he will rule the world, as he is wearing special undergarments made from „Neutrolite“ that will protect him, and make him ultimately desirable to more than a billion women. An interesting story, designed to appeal to all teenagers.

You’ll note the cover claims that the guest stars for the issue include „Noble Brits“ and „Foreign Types“. And it does. The foreign types are all villains, while the noble Brits are simple peasants, whom Hoverboy makes fun of for „talking queer“.“

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